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Hey! I’m Mark (@markaudiowave). My first memory was learning the alphabet on the Amiga PC with Mickey Mouse and I’ve not stopped playing PC and PS4 games for as long as I can remember.


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How To Write A Twitch Bio

A Twitch bio needs to be simple and short as the room is limited to 150 characters. Found easily on mobile, a Twitch bio is the first-step into somebody finding out about you. For new streamers, Read more…

The Emergence

Who Are We?

The Emergence started with a curiosity to see if people had questions and needed support getting started with Twitch streaming, the tools required and the advice they need to grow it. After years of lurking Read more…

Social Media

Coaching & Training

The Emergence is run by Mark (@markaudiowave) In ‘real life’, I am a social media manager, focused on attention across video, live streaming, audio and mobile platforms. Over the past years, my interests in photography, Read more…


Our Interviews

Here is a list of all the interviews we have done with incredible and inspiring Twitch Streamers. Kino The Producer Summary of interview: It’s a great way to teach others I normally stream for 3 Read more…