Coaching – Frequently Asked Questions

What coaching do you offer?

We offer three tiers of Twitch coaching. The lowest tier is a 5 minute stream review, the second tier is a 1 hour stream review and our final highest tier is a monthly subscription.

Our written guides will always be completely free.

How much does stream coaching cost?

⚡ Our 5 minute stream review is completely free!

⚡ 1 hour stream reviews cost £30 (around $40)

⚡ Monthly coaching costs £100 (around $129) 

Why should I use The Emergence?

I am a digital marketer with over 6 years of experience in growing businesses, content creators and my own personal projects. I have worked for multiple companies across various industries and currently head up digital marketing for a large charity.

I have built a music project to over 750,000 plays and The Emergence itself has nearly 500,000 views in 15 months.

How do I unlock coaching?

Our 5 minute stream reviews are completely free. You can pay for our 1 hour stream reviews on our website.

Monthly coaching is coming soon.

If am I unhappy with the support, can I get a refund?

Yes, refunds are available. Please email me if you wish to get a refund.

How can I tell everybody how useful this is?

You don’t need to, but if you wanted to be so nice and kind – you can share your thoughts across social media and during your streams.

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