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Nobody saw it coming. A Battle Royale game based in the Titanfall Universe but without any mechs… AND it is good, it’s really good. It runs well, the gunplay is amazing, teamplay is needed and the characters (called Legends) add a whole new dimension to the Battle Royale genre.

Apex Legends dropped on 4th February 2019 without any announcements or marketing. It made an instant splash across YouTube and Twitch and blew up to 25 million people playing it over 72 hours. It’s been a long time since we saw a game explode like that!

Suddenly the Battle Royale genre had a new giant, and it was madness to ignore it if you were an FPS or Battle Royale streamer…

Hey, even most variety streamers had to move to it as their audiences because obsessed.

Suddenly the Apex Legends field was crowded with creators and streamers vying for viewers attention. Wondering how streamers were standing out, I started watching as many as possible, from big to small, from growing to giants. I found there were three main reasons why streamers were gaining viewers when streaming Apex Legends on Twitch.

These are:

  • Skill
  • Personality (entertainment)
  • Education

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How good at the game are you?

Is your stream incredible to watch because you are so good at it? That’s going to be a huge reason why people watch you.

But in this category, you are trying to compete with the likes of Shroud and NRG Dizzy. Who… is… insane…


Are your games amazing to watch because of the gameplay? Are you winning games with 15 kills each round? Are you using off-meta weapons and playing characters nobody expects? By watching you – do you think people are sending clips to their friends like “Woah”?

These are all questions you need to ask yourself. Skilled gameplay is one way to stand out, but it’s not the only reason.

Your streaming entertainment factor

How do you get people to watch you playing Apex Legends if you’re not a particularly talented player? Get them to watch you not because they wanted to watch any Apex Legends streamer from the thousands which play it, they are viewing you because they enjoy watching you play the game.

The giants on Twitch are not only skilled at the games they play, but they are incredibly entertaining while doing so. Watch the likes of Ninja, Shroud, Lirik, Tfue and Dr Disrespect and see how they interact with their audience, make entertaining comments while playing, talk about interesting subjects and do funny things on camera. Tied with their gameplay, this makes them must-watches.

These entertaining streamers have either built up years of experience or they are always waiting for moments to add a funny or clever point to conversations or trending topics. They are never silent unless for effect.

Is your gameplay funny to watch? Do your friends laugh when you are playing? Do you have a loyal following who will watch you play whatever because they love your personality and community?

Worried you’re maybe not as funny as others or skilled to win every game? Not only should you stop comparing, because there are millions of viewers per day looking for a million different type of creator, but you should also look at another way of standing out on Apex Legends streaming… education.

What are you teaching them?

If you’re not going around getting 20 squad-kill games Shroud level (or even just getting lots of 2nd places like I keep doing…), and you are not feeling particularly entertaining, then maybe you could educate them something about Apex?

The game may not be that old yet, but that’s the perfect time to try learn as much as possible about the game and pass that knowledge onto your viewers.

Be it aiming, map, team composition, hitboxes (oof) or just general gunplay, discuss the tier lists, explain the best team plays (who should flank, when ultimate’s should be combined etc)

This can be done through a variety of ways, for example:

  • Discuss each gun, each drop location, each legend and each item in the game
  • Answer any questions your viewers have in AMA times
  • Review your communities’ clips
  • Create a weekly show similar to a podcast where you discuss the current meta, the legends, the weapons, the map and different tactics
  • Create graphics to show your viewers during your stream
  • Cut up your clips and turn them into tutorial videos for your YouTube, Twitter and Instagram


Okay so you’re not a professional-level Apex Legends player, but maybe you love the game and the competitive sector so much that you’re somewhat an expert at it?

Why not commentate on the games while they are live or the VODs after (if that is allowed. Let others know what was good, what players were epic, what mistakes were made and how things could be improved. It’s similar to the above education idea, but connects it with the high skill levels. There are entire companies and teams on TV dedicated to this in IRL sports like Football… why not Apex Legends?

PS did you know we are on Instagram?

That’s just some ideas of what to teach people about Apex Legends while streaming. You’ll probably be a lot better at the game than I, so you’ve probably got some better ideas! If you want me to add them to the above list, let me know on Twitter.

So here are three different ways you could become a successful Apex Legends Twitch streamer, do you have any ideas or seen other creators do something different?

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