How To Create A Stream Title That Stands Out

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Are you struggling to get people watching your stream? Maybe there are hundreds of other streamers doing the same thing as you, and your stream title isn’t persuading potential viewers to come to watch you.

In this guide, we’ll discuss what you need to think about, how to craft a good twitch stream title and how to describe your stream, attract people and stand out amongst the 1000s of others.

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Now, to be honest, a good stream title is not going to suddenly make you a massive streamer. Unfortunately, discoverability on Twitch is very low, and therefore building an audience naturally is a challenge. One way to do this is by using social media.

But you want to make sure that if people do find you via browsing or the Twitch homepage, they instantly want to view your content!

What do you need to consider?

The purpose of a Twitch stream title is to explain what the content is about and attract viewers. It’s the same as writing an article headline or YouTube video title.

When it comes to a stream title there are a number of things you need to consider:

  • What will attract viewers to click through and watch you?
  • How do you stand out from everyone else?
  • Should you use a funny quote?
  • Should you clearly explain what you are going to be doing?
  • Should you be honest or lie?
  • Do you need to always put the most important information first?

Please never refer to the amount of followers, viewers or subscribers you have in your stream title… this isn’t useful information for the potential viewer and may seem like over-promotion (e.g. spam).

Describe your stream, attract people and stand out

Being honest with your stream title is the easiest to attract viewers as those who want to see that content, will click through to watch it. As you can see on Sacriel’s stream below, his viewers clearly know what to expect when they watch him.

Showing your talent is another great way to attract viewers into your stream. The below example by ChipSa shows he had an incredibly high rank on Overwatch, therefore you know he is going to be a skilled player before you even watch him!

Be funny

If you can create a witty or funny stream title, do it. Most people will click through if it has made them laugh, and it hints that you’ll be a funny streamer to watch too! If you can, why not throw in some popular culture trends, quotes or memes too!?

Using emojis might work too depending on your audience!


Use emotions

Don’t hesitate to use emotions to truly show what your stream will be like:

“I’ve never been so scared in my life” sounds much better than “playing dead souls 3”.

While “Making my friends hate me in deathmatch” sounds more fun compared to “gaming with my friends”

Of course, don’t lie and write this if you are not scared at all, or you are bloody awful and losing to your friends…

The quickest way to make people leave your stream is to lie to them in the stream title.

Use numbers

You’ve all seen the Buzzfeed headlines, “31 reasons why you are jealous of the breakfast of champions” and we know they work… we are attracted to numbers, they tell our brain the article’s length and that it is going to be easy to read. So why not utilise this and use numbers in your stream?

  • 14 Reasons Why I Keep Eating Chicken Dinners
  • Level 24 Priest — Ranked Gameplay [ENG]
  • 6vs6 Capture The Flag — First to 25 wins!

Examples of a strong Twitch stream title:

  1. [LANGUAGE] SMITE: First Ranked Game — Support Always!
  2. Playing Hearthstone with Followers — Challenge My Mage!
  3. 25 hour charity grind — watch me fall asleep and still win!
  4. (GER) [Game Name] — [Something about the Game] — First Playthrough/100% Serious Play/Ranked Games
  5. Who Hates ZOMBIES?
  6. !charitystream – mental health & minecraft 12 hours
A collection of examples

Bonus round

What else should you consider when you are about to start streaming? We wrote about it all here: Getting Started On Twitch: Your First Stream

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