Recommended Podcasts

Do you have a long walk or commute to work? Are you at the gym listening to some hard electronic music while you run? It’s recommended you could use that time to learn something new while your body is busy but your mind (and ears) are free to listen.

Some people will suit learning via audio rather than writing and video, so I’ve put together a list of some brilliant podcasts that will inspire, educate and change you and your habits:

What are the best podcasts for Twitch Streamers

Podcasts are taking over the world. From the humble beginnings on Apple’s iPods to 67 million Americans listening to it monthly, the audio storytelling format has open the doors to thousands of creators and millions of listeners.

Why do people listen to podcasts? Because it doesn’t take their full attention, they don’t need to watch or read and so they can cycle at the gym or go for a run while still consuming your content. With Twitch streamers and creators looking for ways to improve their stream and grow their following, podcasts are one of many ways to learn.

Therefore, we’ve put together the best four podcasts for twitch streamers:

  • TwitchTalks
  • The Stream Coach Podcast
  • The Broman Podcast
  • Stream Key

If you are looking to start your own podcast (be it on Twitch streaming, gaming or anything else!) we’ve written a guide on everything you need to consider and can find it here:

How To Start A Gaming Podcast