Free Twitch Alert Sounds

Are you looking for some free alert sounds for your Twitch stream? We’ve created a few for you to use for free.

You can use these for followers alerts, bit alerts, subscription alerts, donation alerts, host and raiding alerts and many more! They can be used on OBS, StreamLabs, your Elgato Streamdeck or whatever platform you wish to use.

Free sound alert downloads

Here are some of the best free Twitch alerts. You don’t need to credit me if you use them. Just download the mp3 files using the button below each track and use as much as you want!

If you do want to say thanks, feel free to let us know on our Twitter or live on our Twitch channel.

1) Spark

2) Rainbow Dash

3) Bloop

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How to add alerts to my Twitch stream?

This is how to add alerts to any stream quickly!

  1. Download alerts or make your own

    See above!

  2. Sign up for StreamElements or Streamlabs

  3. Connect to your Twitch account

  4. Go to ‘Alert Box’ or ‘Alerts & Overlays’

    Add your preferred image and audio

  5. Test it on your software

    Get some friends or family to test it when live too

  6. You’re all set

    Good luck <3

Yes, I’ll be producing more sounds soon! If you are interested, email or DM me on Twitter!

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