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Let’s be honest, there is plenty of advice out there for Twitch streamers… some of it is fantastic, and some of it is common sense and generic. But what if you are looking for some advice tailored just for you? That’s where I can help.

In ‘real life’, I am a social media manager, focused on attention across video, live streaming, audio and mobile platforms. Over the past years, my interests in content creation, music production, photography, podcasting and gaming have provided me with an understanding of the current online climate.

With over 6 years of experience in digital and social media marketing. I am able to review, understand and provide the support you actually need. Rather than waste it on information and training you won’t use. Think of me as that friend who isn’t afraid to tell you how it is.

Let’s talk through your goals, current content, channel, branding and future ambitions and work out how to push it to the next level.

Right now, I am working out what this coaching looks like – whether it’s a Patreon model, a video course or whether I charge for 1 to 1 separately…

What are my options?

We have three different Twitch coaching and training options:

  • 5 Minute Stream Review
  • 1 Hour Stream Review
  • Monthly Coaching

What is the 5-minute stream review?

Send us an email or direct message us on Instagram and we’ll do a super quick streamer review of your channel, and spot any instant opportunities for you to make your stream better or promote your stream greater.

What is the 1-hour stream review?

I will spend an hour (probably more…) looking into your channel, your stream, your marketing and how to improve it so you can grow your community and build a bigger audience.

You will receive a full report on improvements you can do instantly:

  • Channel optimisation
  • Stream quality & chat engagement
  • Content opportunities
  • Promotion and Social Media
  • And lots more!

What is the Monthly Coaching?

Using Patreon, you will unlock an entire month of coaching and training from me on anything you want. Whether it’s improving your Twitch stream, increasing traffic to your website or growing a social media channel.

You will open a secret sneaky Discord channel where you can ask me questions anytime, we’ll have weekly calls and you’ll receive the ultimate level of support from me.

⚡ Unlock our brand new email course
⚡ Level up your marketing and social media presence
⚡ Meet the rest of the other spark coaching family 

If you have any questions or you are looking for more information, contact me via email. (You can also join our Discord!)

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