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We’ve all been in a busy stream with hundreds chatting all at once, and we all wish that could be our stream. But what happens when your live stream starts gaining a lot of chatty chatters? How do you deal with it?


Although there are plenty of brilliant Twitch bots that you can use, nothing beats another person keeping control of your chat, keeping users entertained and just letting you focus on your stream and the gameplay.

Are you looking to learn more about Twitch’s chat rules or looking for some good examples? We’ve written about that too and you can find it here:

What are moderators?

Commonly known as ‘Mods’, moderators keep your chat organised, conversation flowing and up to the standards of rules created by streamer. You can tell who is a moderator by the ‘green sword’ icon next to their name.

Do I need a moderator?

It comes down to a couple of questions:

  • If you are being mercilessly trolled or spammed, then definitely yes.
  • Is your chat is busy and you can’t keep up with it, then you probably do.
  • If you prefer to focus on the gameplay and getting headshots, then it is worth considering.

Next up, how do you choose a moderator for your stream?

How to choose a moderator for your stream

If you have any trusted close friends who watch your stream, day-in and day out, they are the first that come to mind as moderators for your channel.

Loyal viewers come next, those you know will be there day-in, day-out and will look after your stream for you.

How do you make somebody a moderator?

Using the chat command functionality, you are able to make somebody a mod by using the following:

/mod <username>

This command will allow you to promote a user to a channel moderator.

How do you unmod somebody on Twitch?

To unmod, you use the following chat command:

/unmod <username>

There are loads of other chat commands, let’s go through some of them here.

What are mod commands and how do you use them?

Both streamers and moderators have a number of commands and features that allow them to moderate their stream and channel chat. I have listed the commonly used ones here:

  • Change your name colour: /color <colorname>
  • Ban a user from your chat: /ban <username>
  • Time a user out for a specific time: /timeout <username> [seconds]
  • Limit chat to subscribers only: /subscribers
  • Host another channel: /host <channel>
  • Change chat to emote only: /emoteonly
  • Change a user to a moderator: /mod <username>
  • List all the channel’s VIPs: /vips 

Twitch has produced a full list of all the available chat commands here: Chat Commands

You are able to create your own commands by using a moderator bot, you can learn more about these in our guide to Twitch Tools.

Bonus round:

Do twitch moderators get paid? — No, unless there is a special circumstance where a media company (such as IGN) is streaming, it is very unlikely that they get paid.

Are there any guides about being a moderator? — There is a great post by @JugoLama on being a moderator here, and another great post here.

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