31 Twitch Tips – Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

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Ever wondered how to start as a streamer on Twitch? We’ve created 31 different and short pieces of advice to get you started on your journey, grow a community and become a successful broadcaster.

We’ve previously written our guides to getting started as a Twitch streamer, and how to become successful, and although these articles contain a lot of advice and tips, it wasn’t as simple to read and as clear as possible.

So, this is an attempt to give you the best information in the quickest way possible!

Twitch Tips to Get Started

Here we go!

  • Audio is more important than your webcam quality
  • You don’t need to spend thousands to start or be successful
  • Your internet speed is important – a difficult to watch stream is a stream that doesn’t get watched
  • Make sure that your channel art looks good
  • Use a picture of your face, not a logo (unless you are a brand selling other things/services)
  • Be sure to have a stream title that stands out and is consistent with your personal streaming style
  • Make sure your stream content itself stands out and is consistent with your style
  • Keep talking – nobody likes a quiet stream (unless for effect)
  • I know everyone says it, but consistency is important, nobody is going to stick around if you stream randomly 4 different times a month
  • Consider doing more than just ‘playing a game and talking to chat’ – viewers have got thousands of choices doing the same thing
  • Install a chatbot to moderate your channel – here’s a guide to the best twitch bots
  • Work hard; one way to stand out is to work harder than everyone else
  • But this doesn’t mean you need to work more than everyone, it just means you need to work smarter
  • Be prepared, make notes on post-it stickers around your screen for things to talk about and do

Twitch Tips to Grow Your Channel

  • People connect with your better by seeing your face and body language – it’s human
  • Storytelling is the easiest way to hook people into your community – tell your story and share other stories
  • Community management is important, you want them to share your values
  • Don’t give up – you never know when your time will come. Imagine if you were talking about Pokemon every day and then Pokemon Go came out, or imagine you were a GTA role-player and now it’s is one of the biggest categories on Twitch
  • Use Twitch Extensions to keep chat engaged, but don’t go overboard and gamify the whole thing, that’ll get overwhelming for new viewers
  • Plan, constantly engage with people and be patient
  • Find a niche and stick with it at first – you can spread out later on
  • Find your value – understand why people would want to watch you and focus on that – you could be entertaining, teach people things or inspire them
  • Focus on other social channels – discoverability is poor on Twitch and people are going to find you elsewhere
  • Manage your time carefully – sometimes streaming for a shorter period of time is better for your overall energy
  • Less streaming = spending more time creating content for other social platforms
  • Sometimes spending a day creating content for Twitter, Instagram, Discord and YouTube will have a bigger benefit for your streams than streaming all-day
  • Viewers tend to peak after an hour of streaming, don’t give away all your best content in the first 15 minutes
  • Grow a Discord community and spend time on there – loyal followers will be the foundation of your Twitch viewership
  • Don’t worry about selling merch until you are much bigger
  • Don’t forget to look after yourself – stretch your legs, drink lots of water and find time to get away from content creation to stop burnout
  • Use Twitch tags – it helps you stand out and helps viewers find you

That’s everything I can think of right now! I hope you find it useful and I’m sure I’ll be adding to this over the next few months.

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