Who Are We?

Who Am I?

Hey! My name is Mark and I have been a gamer since I can first remember. My first memory is playing a Micky Mouse Disney game on the Amiga in my kitchen when I was around 3 years old.

I remember playing games on a floppy disk, and there was a game called TIM which involved puzzles and physics and I thought it was amazing. I eventually moved onto RTS and strategy games such as Civilisation, Age of Empires, Red Alert and Starcraft. While also playing some amazing games like LEGO Racer!

I spent the rest of my childhood and early adulthood by playing nearly every genre of games across Playstation and PC.

After years of lurking and watching streamers to try to learn how to play games better, I found myself utterly obsessed with the Twitch community and the creators within. So, I decided to take the plunge into Twitch streaming myself and found myself in a world of confusion with different websites and streamers recommending different things and tools.

When it came to understanding the ways people used to grow their channels, there was either very generic information that came with common sense or a lack of inspiration from existing streamers. It felt messy, you couldn’t find it easily and I felt my strengths in writing and marketing could be useful to those looking to start or grow their Twitch channels.

The Emergence started with a curiosity to see if people had the same questions as me and whether they needed support getting started, the tools required and advice on promoting their Twitch channels.

I started writing beginner guides around things I knew I wanted to know. Within six months I saw over 30,000 people find this information helpful. This instantly proved to me there was a demand for the information so I decided to post any many guides as I could write – learning the entire time.

I expanded it to provide inspiration to those looking to do something different with live content in interviews. Our first interviews went out on March 8th, 2018 and much more are planned. We’ve also created guides on design, podcasting, and promoting your stream via social media.

The Emergence has now grown into an engaged community of streamers and content creators looking to grow their channels, support one another and enjoy the common hobbies we all have, gaming and content creation.

You can more about us here:

If you want to see what I’m working on right now, see our Now page.

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