Inspired by the likes of ZenHabits, I’ve put together a quick ‘now’ page to show what I’m doing right now:

  • Creating bigger and better guides to help you start streaming and most of all, grow your channels
  • Updating all my old guides to be as useful as possible
  • Using Twitter a lot during lockdown!
  • Writing a new monthly newsletter called Appear & Emerge (on hiatus)
  • Building my set up so I can start streaming more on Twitch
  • Making a better stream with my own audio alerts, planning other segments and organising more stream nights!

Updated: 17 May 2020.


Who are you?

Hey, I’m Mark and I write all the guides on here! You can learn more about me on our About Us page

Where do I start?

The best place to start learning is on our Twitch guide page. We cover the very basics of getting started all the way to getting to affiliate, building a community and growing your channel.