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Live streaming does not need to be a loud extrovert’s game, the shy and quiet of us have plenty of opportunities to be streamers and broadcasters. Nothing should stop you from chasing your dreams and passions.

For those that know me IRL, I’m not always the loudest person (although my social awkwardness sometimes turns me into a bit of an extrovert…). Yet I love to stream on Twitch and talk to a group of viewers. This post details some things have I learnt while live streaming as an introvert.

What do I talk about on stream?


That’s it — you can talk about whatever you want, and respond to what your community are saying within the chat. Twitch viewers will watch, follow, share and subscribe to streamers based on their personality just as much as their gameplay or entertaining overlays.

Are you are a hardcore film fan? Discuss your favourite movies, scenes, actresses and film-making equipment on your channel. You’ll engage with those who love to discuss it too!

You are clearly a big fan of the game you are playing? Is there an upcoming DLC or patch to talk about? Ask questions to your chat and discuss it with them!

Talk about what is going on in the game you are playing, self-commentate, speak aloud why you did that certain thing you did. Why did you hide in the house rather than shooting back in PUBG?

Show your emotions — you’re still in the house on PUBG and you can hear footsteps, are you scared? Do you giggle nervously and get super anxious and say “omg” a lot?

Be you.

It was once recommended to me (I’m sorry I’ve forgotten who ?) to write a couple of bullet points on subjects to discuss when chat is quiet — or when you are sitting in a loading screen waiting for a game to load — and stick them on your PC monitor.

Here’s a list of things to talk about while streaming:

  • The game itself — commentate on what you are doing, why you are doing it, your thought processes, your reactions to it happening and your emotions
  • What has been happening to you in real life recently? Good news, tough news? Be authentic
  • What games are coming out that you are looking forward to? What are some of the games that you played as a kid? What do you wish they refreshed
  • Are there any updates, DLC’s or patches on the game you are playing to talk about?
  • Ask your chat — what has been happening to them recently, can you educate, entertain, support them? (for example, I discussed the best ways to get to sleep in a stream recently)
  • Films (you’ll get spoilers), music (who is your favourite artist of all time?), art, news, cute stuff (first dance at your future wedding/party)
  • Literally anything…

Keep your channel consistent with your voice

Do you feel like you are too quiet to stream? Fear not, just highlight the fact your stream is a quiet and relaxing place to be in. Build your channel as a ‘chill’ stream where viewers can come and relax in.

While some viewers want fast-paced entertaining and loud content, others want the complete opposite. They want to watch somebody build a city on Cities: Skylines with a few comments here or there and relaxing jazz music on in the background.

Look through the Tag system and see what works best for you.

Nobody is talking back in chat

Just because they are not talking, doesn’t mean they are not watching. They may be glued to your every word and action.

If you are ‘selling’ a chill-out stream, then you are giving viewers exactly what they want.

But if you just want more people to talk, ask open-ended questions, discuss things that may be relevent to them, do funny things in the game that may gain their attention and make them want to say something to you in game.

Remember, this isn’t a YouTube Let’s Play… silence is deafening.

Find some chatty mods

Your moderators can keep your chat conversations flowing when you are quieter. Get to know your mods as real friends, or use existing friends to help guide your channel along!

(PS they don’t really need to be chatty)

You don’t have to use a webcam

When I started streaming on Twitch, I was reluctant to use a webcam too and although in time I felt comfortable enough doing so. You don’t need to use a webcam if you don’t want to, and as the streamer, Lirik, has shown us, you do not need to use one to be successful on Twitch.

(but if you do… here are the best webcams for Twitch Streamers): Guide To The Best Webcam for Twitch Streaming

Bonus Round:

Are you looking to stream in the ‘Just Chatting’ or IRL categories? We’ve written a guide with 14 tips on our website. Click the image to learn more!

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