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A Twitch bio needs to be simple and short as the room is limited to 300 characters. Found easily on mobile and in the updated stream profile design, a Twitch bio is the first-step into somebody finding out about you. 

For new streamers, make sure you say who you are, what you like and when you stream, eventually it can be whatever you want. Most bios will be read AFTER the viewers has started watching your stream, so it should be used as a quick way to show additional information about who you are, what you commonly play when you stream and why you do it.

Let’s ask some questions to get you thinking about it:

Who are you?

The first question is… Are you a person or a brand? Are you using your real name or are you using a ‘brand name’?

  • What is your name (if you want to give your real name do it, but don’t feel any pressure to do so)
  • Where do you live? (Some people will feel an affiliation with a ‘local’ streamer – but don’t get specific)
  • What do you do? (You could be a graphic designer or work in insurance outside of Twitch… this is interesting to some people!)

Example Twitch Bio: “my name is Mark and my first memory was learning the alphabet from Micky Mouse & Donald Duck on the Amiga” (true story)

What do you play?

Let potential viewers know if you are a one-game streamer? A variety streamer? Or you bounce between games in a particular genre?

Example Twitch bio — “Diamond Level League of Legends Streamer, every day 8PM GMT”

When do you stream?

Simply, when can potential viewers expect to see your stream? Are you stream Saturday mornings only? Every single day (you workaholic!) or just at 1AM when you can’t sleep?

Example Twitch bio — “Weekend-only stream because in IRL I am a crimefighting zookeeper”

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What will attract people into your stream? How do you get them to click as they browse through all the different thumbnails!

  • Example of a stream-based around a competitive stream — “Grinding my way to master level #noragequits”
  • Example of a stream-based around your sense of humour — “I quote all your favourite vines every day”
  • Example of a chill stream “slow and steady chill vibes”

Always customise these based on your personality and your stream. You want people to know what to expect from those 150 characters.


Twitch thumbnails are based on Twitch taking a tiny screenshot of what you are streaming. You are unable to change this yourself.

Your thumbnail will be heavily influenced by the design of your page, whether you’ve got a webcam or not (depending on what the viewer wants to see) and what you are streaming.

Make sure your stream is designed to look as interesting and colourful as possible. The above Fortnite examples all look exactly the same… so nobody stands out. Look at platforms like YouTube to see examples of good thumbnail design and see how you can learn from it.

Example Twitch Bios

Here’s some examples from Twitch streamers themselves:

What else do you need to do to start streaming?

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