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Here is a list of all the interviews we have done with incredible and inspiring Twitch Streamers.

Kino The Producer

Summary of the interview:

  • It’s a great way to teach others
  • I normally stream for 3 hours
  • Evenings/weekends-only stream
  • The only software I use while streaming is OBS, StreamLabs Chatbot, Voicemeeter and SMG Music Display
  • First and foremost. If you’re doing it to get money or to get famous off of what you’re doing, it’s going to be difficult and you’ll likely be disappointed.

“Do it for the art” | Interview with Creative Streamer KinoTheProducer


Summary of the interview:

  • Get involved with the gaming community on Twitch and Twitter and make friends
  • We always have coffee mornings on the stream where we just chat for around 30 mins while I drink my tea, then we play games for 5/6 hours
  • Monday to Friday streams every afternoon
  • I couldn’t live without StreamLabs and Phantombot!
  • Any streamer you know and admire now had to start somewhere, and I can almost promise you that they were all pretty bad before they put in the hours doing low-quality streams to 0 viewers. Everyone starts from the same place, and you could make it too

Everyone starts from the same place” | Interview with Variety Streamer BamyLeaf

CPalm / TwitchTalks

Summary of the interview:

  • I was in a new city and I didn’t know many people… so I liked the company of Twitch chat
  • I actually successfully predicted a new trend. I saw a new game called World’s Adrift and no one had heard about it. One day I saw Summit1G playing it but he was the only one, I rushed home and bought it. When Summit went offline, his thousands of viewers were dispersed to only about 20 other people streaming it, and I was one of those streamers. That was the first time I had hundreds of viewers organically.
  • I don’t capitalize on having weekends free, so I typically only stream on workdays
  • I try to start streaming right after Dinner (7ish) and go until 10 or later. 4 hours is probably my average. 
  • Just start. Upgrade your gear gradually. Make sure your gear is watchable at first, think about minimizing your background noise etc. But you don’t need a DSLR webcam and a professional mic in your starting weeks while you’re still getting comfortable being on stream.

Interview with Streamer and Podcaster, CPalm

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